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Specializes in Project Management, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design and Website Development

brandsbyRaven specializes in Brand Strategy, Brand Development, Graphic Design and Website Development. Created by Raven Jones, your Brand Strategist and Web Developer. I strive to provide high quality, income generating websites and aesthetically pleasing brands. My appealing designs keep customers and clients engaged, create a visual impact and leave a lasting impression.

brandsbyRaven  works hard and aims high to provide our clients with the best. brandsbyRaven separates itself from the competition through pricing, ease, appealing unique-designs and professionalism. 

My goal is to create an experience.

Raven's Story

Get to know me! I'm the owner of brandsbyRaven, I've been in the web design business for eight years. My first website was when I was 16, I created it for a drop shipping store of my own by the name of Cell Accessory Plug where I was selling phone cases. I was so good at developing storefronts I would start and finish a website in one day, while at work at that! I fell in love with the process and began creating more storefronts for other side hustles. I was making thousands a week drop-shipping and running my online stores. My second website was for drop-shipping strip eyelashes by the name of BeLashedOut (when that was a thing). I was at the time following another serial entrepreneur by the name of Christiana Hurt who was helping me grow my small businesses and make higher incomes. While that storefront was the second best with driving sales and more, I realized all the other parts of running a business weren’t for me. I just wanted to create websites. Some years went by and two years ago, a month before my birthday I came up with the idea to start a freelancing business creating websites for small businesses owners. The previous name for my business was Peridot Graphics and after a recent rebrand some serious soul searching and a full re-evaluation of what I want to present and give to you all in this business we are here with brandsbyRaven!

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